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As objects of beauty and distinctive design, superyachts deserve to look their best. Modern lighting technology allows yacht owners to present their yachts in exciting and varied ways, and Lumotics Marine not only designs and manufactures the drivers and controllers that make these innovations possible, our highly capable and versatile control units take systems integration to a whole new level. Lumotics controllers are fully programmable, allowing them to operate seamlessly alongside audio-visual systems for sound / light shows and offering one-stop cabin control for blinds, climate control and other functionality.

And our standard products are just part of what we do. For yachts with complicated or one-off integration issues, Lumotics Marine is the leader in designing and manufacturing partly or fully customised solutions that are easy to install and which can be delivered at short notice.


Features And Benefits Of The Magic Range

✔ Precision, flicker-free, smooth dimming
✔ Ultra high efficiency
✔ Very low heat output
✔ Compatible with other control systems
✔ LED or Halogen light fixtures
✔ Over-voltage protection on input
✔ Surge protection on input
✔ Short circuit protected output
✔ Thermally protected output
✔ LED or bulb failure detection
✔ Long life
✔ Simple replacement
✔ Excellent light quality
✔ Lightweight
✔ Unlimited ‘mood scene’ capability
✔ Wireless operation
✔ Simple installation
✔ Cool operation
✔ Highly flexible

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